TiLT #5

The triumphant return of TiLT!

Google Drive ♥ I’ve gone through my share of hard drive crashes and computer transfers and I really, really appreciate the cloud. I still do not appreciate Google’s formatting of my resume (which inevitably ends up incredibly wonky and completely unfixable) and I am still waiting to be able to make columns within a document, but Google Drive is a lifesaver and a tree saver.

Date night ♥ Our weekend schedules are usually pretty busy, but we try to make time to hang out just the two of us no matter what. Sometimes it’s just watching Netflix on the couch, sometimes it’s a full out planned date, and sometimes it’s more casual like going to the movies (we saw Gravity a few weeks ago – highly recommend!). It’s so nice to have quality time together after a long work week.

Halloween decorations ♥ This one is cheating a little bit because I don’t decorate for Halloween. I prefer to keep my decorations more generically “autumn” (pumpkins, leaves, etc.) because I’m lazy and I can keep them up through Thanksgiving but I am a SUCKER for all things spooky, like cute bats, ghosts, skulls, and cats.

Little Loves ♥ Animals Being Bros (especially these polite poodles) ♥ House of Cards ♥ Researching paleo! ♥ 2013 WORLD CHAMPION Boston Red Sox ♥ Hot Chocolate 15K/5K ♥ “It hurts more NOT to do it.” ♥ Yeezus (it took me a LONG time to come around to this album) ♥ Green smoothies for breakfast (favorite combo is banana, strawberry, spinach, almond butter, and almond milk) ♥ Sleepy Hollow ♥ Crockpot salsa chicken ♥ Getting back on my gym game ♥ Paleo-friendly pumpkin bread (a.k.a. my 1st paleo baking adventure) ♥ Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Chelsea Peretti!) ♥ Reading about how awful dairy is for you ♥ Google Hangouts dates ♥ Puffs Plus Lotion (real talk) ♥ The Breakfast Club ♥

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